Pack 280

Sam Houston Area Council

Camping Checklist basic

Scouts Pack 280 Camping Outing 



Equipment Required Checklist:

 -Tent , if purchasing new one,  always get a slightly larger, example  for 2 people, purchase 4 person tent.  Dome tents are my personal preference and easy to setup.

 -Tent ground tarp, same size as tent width/length.

 -Sleeping pad/Air mattress or Cot

 -camp folding chairs

 -Sleeping bag or blanket/pillows, dependant on weather.

 -Change of Clothes- weather or seasonal appropriate.

 -sunscreen or mosquito spray

 -flashlight, extra batteries

 -toiletries –shampoo, toothpaste/brush, etc

 -I have 1 tent that I can loan someone, first come first serve.

 -fishing rod

-Meals - we will coordinate with the Pack accordingly.  Generally send signup sheet.

-Insect repellent - summer.

-BackPack, Canteen/water bottle, Hat, 


 Fan or small heater, bring extension cord.

 First Aid kit.



 Camping, hiking, campfire, 

 Site has clean showers and rest rooms.


ELECTRONICS, NO smartphones, tablets use by scouts during camping.  Parents – please minimize


Cooking-   I have cooking utensils, stoves for outdoor cooking, outdoor Canopy tent.


Meals- Potluck meal- Parents signup sheet for meals

 Encourage scouts to help in any way possible with cooking.

 Cleaning- All scouts will assist with cleaning.


 Costs: No Cost



New Kentucky Park

Address21710 FM2920, Hockley, TX 77447

Drive Time -  46Min.